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To welcome architects, designers, and their clients, we set up a bistro-style consultation space in a stimulating work environment, adapted to your needs. There, you can have access to sample books, two large screens with Internet access, work tables, conference rooms that include one large screen with Internet access, and last but not least, direct access to our consultants and estimators. What better way to greet one of your clients?

Whatever your project, big or small, you can rest assured that we have what it takes to help you accomplish what will become our common project. Rosaire Bessette, President.

As a business that specializes in the sale and installation of floor covering products, we developed a client-focused approach under which we are committed to deliver superior quality work and exceed standards of excellence. Roy & Fils Ltd.’s goals have guided the company in its business operations to become and remain a leader in the sale and installation of floor coverings such as carpets, tiles, linoleum, ceramic, wood and many other specialized products. Thanks to our team of experienced specialists’ know-how and our reputation of excellence, we can provide integrated consulting, evaluation, consulting expert, processing and after-sale services, according to the mandate we are given. With our certified team, Roy & Fils Ltd. will make every effort to meet your needs, regardless of your floor covering project and its scale.

Our broad expertise allows us to exceed artistic limitations and to be forward-thinking leaders in all things floor covering. From our beginnings to today, Roy & Fils Ltd. feeds on new trends and new installation techniques, ensuring our company’s growth amidst an ever-growing market.


Je tiens à vous remercier pour l'excellent travail effectué par vous et votre équipe afin de compléter le projet de recouvrement de sol à l'étage de notre bâtiment. Nous avons beaucoup apprécié la précision et le professionnalisme de votre travail ainsi que le respect de votre échéancier. Nous tenons à remercier de façon particulière la collaboration extraordinaire de vos ouvriers. Ils ont fait preuve de délicatesse, de politesse et d'une bien grande discrétion  à l'égard des employé(e)s de la Clinique.  
Merci et au plaisir de travailler ensemble à nouveau.

Claudette Goulet Technicienne responsable aux ressources matérielles, Clinique communautaire Pointe-Saint-Charles, ,

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