Concrete repair

Need to change your flooring, but your floor surface is in poor condition? We offer you a turnkey service. We will handle each stage in the preparation of the floor, as well as various operations ranging from grinding, milling and carpet stripping to the complete finish of the floor covering.

Roy & fils ltd is an expert in repairing concrete surfaces for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. We specialize in removing carpets, tiles, vinyl rolls, linoleum, wood, ceramic, rubber, glue and other specialized products.

  • Grinding (polishing)
  • Carpet stripper (floor covering, glue, cement, etc.)
  • Power tools
  • Vacuum

Is your floor poorly finished, friable or frozen? Is it uneven, contaminated or exposed to rainfall? Does it need surfacing? We can solve your problems.

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Removal of :

– Carpets

– Tiles

– Vinyl rolls

– Linoleum

– Wood

– Ceramic

– Rubber

– Glue

– Other specialized products

Concrete repair :

  • Poorly finished
  • Friable (frozen)
  • Of different levels
  • Contaminated
  • Exposed to rainfall
  • Surfacing

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