Preparation and installation

Our floor covering experts not only install floor coverings on various surfaces, but are also responsible for inspecting, measuring and preparing the floor surfaces to be covered. They also do repair work on damaged flooring. That being said, before installing any floor covering, the proper inspection of the condition of the floor and sub-floor is essential to avoid defaults in the installation of the floor covering. It is important to keep in mind that a manufacturer cannot be held responsible for the deterioration of its product and is unable to guarantee its quality if you do not follow the necessary recommendations for its proper installation. Good floor preparation is therefore necessary before installing a floor covering, to ensure adherence, durability and the aesthetic appearance of the product. Each one of our floor covering installers are well acquainted with these processes. It is our consultants and estimators duty and pleasure to keep you informed on this matter.

If needed, our qualified staff can provide furniture labelling and moving services to bring your office back to its initial set up. Specific trolleys are used to move the furniture in a proper, secure and efficient manner, and to ensure your office space is fully functional upon your return.

An office furniture and partition lifting system is also part of our services. Our qualified staff will ensure the proper functioning of this system, which will prevent dismantling your facilities and transferring your office employees during renovation work. You will get the peace of mind you need and a signification reduction in cost for your floor replacement. One meeting is all you need to better understand this technique and to determine if this type of installation is right for your project.


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